About Us

Our philosophy is “You’re not a Transaction, You’re going through a Transition!”

It’s in our name. Transitions Realty Inc. is a boutique real estate brokerage with a distinct business model designed specifically to serve two different client groups but with the same purpose.
Our purpose is to change lives through changing outcomes. We give our clients the opportunity to take and maintain control of their future and make the choices that are right for them. We do that through managing both life and business transitions for clients at or nearing retirement. For clients at this stage in life, the cost of inaction is extremely high, and what we find is they simply don’t know what their choices are.
We all know someone who has waited too long and either had the control to make a decision taken away from them or have been forced into making choices that they lived to regret.
Our clients are either empty nesters or retiring business owners who are not done living. In fact, they are looking to use the equity they have built up over the years to fund their new lifestyle and transition to their next chapter.
Our team of downsizing specialists and business brokerage experts guide them through our exclusive Transition process – Envision, Roadmap and Transition. We’re your trusted guides and your one-stop resource covering your whole transition from beginning to end.
If our philosophy and approach resonate with your situation, explore your homeowner or business owner options.